The M-Wave, the Nagano Olympic Memorial Arena, offers not only world-class ice skating facilities but also many other kinds of entertainment. The M-Wave was the venue for speed skating events in the 1998 Nagano Olympic Games and the opening and closing ceremonies and ice sledge game in the 1998 Paralympics was also held there. The M-Wave itself is quite unique. The shape of the building looks like a series of Ms which form a waving line. The M-Wave measures 230~160m, and ha s one of the largest wooden roofs in the world.

A Multipurpose Arena

The M-Wave has two movable stands, each of which have seating for 1,210 spectators, and a winding artificial lawn machine. So the arena can be converted into a concert hall, an American football pitch, or whatever.

First Class Skating Arenas 

The M-Wave has two skating rinks; one is a speed skating rink and the others an ice hockey rink. These two rinks are always kept in best condition with the most advanced ice-temperature of control systems.

The First indoor Speed Skating Rink in Japan

The speed skating rink of the M-Wave is the first indoor rink in Japan. It is 15m wide and 3m away from the wall, so you can enjoy ice skating here without feeling cramped. Our track is ideal for speed skaters in particular.

Always in best condition

Our ice skating arenas are always kept in best condition with the most advanced technology. The M-Wave was also designed with great care for the environment. For example, the heat from the freezing machine is used for heating the building. The M-Wave offers best conditions both for you and for the environment.