Here you can newly experience the excitement and sensation of the 1998 Nagano Olympic and the Paralympic Games. The various instruments and goods used in the Olympic and Paralympic Games are on display here.

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The Torch
This torch was used for carrying the Olympic Flame.
Countdown T-shirts
Countdown t-shirts were made, only one a day, 500 days before the 1998 Nagano Olympic Games to go. Each of them was desgined by a well-known person.
The Lottery Jar
This jar was used for the draw of the speed skating event.
Official Posters
The official posters for the 1998 Nagano Olympic Games are on display.
The gold, silver and bronze medals presented in the Nagano Olympic Games were unique in that they were hand-made and adorned with "makie", a traditional Japanese craft.
The Laurel Wreaths
The laurel wreaths presented in the Paralympics were made of "mizuhiki", a craft that is traditional in the Iida district where is southen part of Nagano prefecture.
The Flame Jar
The Olympic Flame was put into this jar in Athens.
Ice Sledge
This ice sledge was used in the Paralympics.
This bobsleigh for tow-men was used by the Japanese national team.
The Skating Shoes of H. Shimizu
These are the shoes of the gold medalist Hiroyasu Shimizu, who won the 500m speed skating. He also won the bronze medal in the 1000m.
The Uniform of Japanese national team
This uniform was worn by the Japanese national team in both the Nagano Olympic Games and the Paralympics.