About Big Hat

Architecturally harmonious with the mountains of Nagano hosts a variety of events

Big Hat, a large scale multipurpose arena, was used as the main venue for the ice hockey events of the Nagano Winter Olympic Games. Its roof resembles a big hat and so it was named Big Hat. In winter it continues to be a venue for ice hockey and figure skating competitions. The venue boasts movable seats which can be stored within the walls, increasing the usable floor size in summer from 2,000 to 4,000㎡. It can be utilized for exhibitions and a variety of other events. Utilising Wakasato Civic Cultural Hall, which is adjacent to Big Hat and served as the main press center of the Nagano Winter Olympic Games, as well as Big Hat, a large scale event can be held in the same area.


Specifications of the facility

Building area 12,050㎡
Total area 25,240㎡
Size Ferro-concrete structure (partially-steel framed reinforced structure, steel-framed structure), 4 floors above ground, 1 underground.
Ceiling height 35m high at the highest peak
Arena size Rollback seats stored Approx. 4,000㎡(Approx.80m×approx.50m)
Rollback seats set up Approx. 2,000㎡(Approx.62m×Approx.32)
Floor load 4,000kg/㎡
Loading dock 3.8m high×3.4m wide
Stage size Rise and fall system 221㎡(26m wide×8.5m deep) Bisection possible
Stage height 0m, 1.0m, 1.5m
When the seats are set up: 9 tiers, accommodates 396 people (counted as movable seats)
Stage floor load: 360kg/㎡


3-22-2 Wakasato, Nagano City 380-0928

By Nagaden Bus Nagano Station East Exit (No.21 Bus Stop) Nisseki・Mizuno Art Museum Line, get off at Mizuno Art Museum, 3 min walk from the bus stop.
By Alpico Bus Nagano Station Zenkoji Exit (No.2 Bus Stop) ~Nisseki・Matsuoka Line, get off at the Big Hat Stop, 1 min walk from the bus stop.
By taxi 10 minutes from Nagano Station East Exit

・20 minutes from Nagano I.C. or Suzaka-Nagano-Higashi I.C.
・500m to the west from Kamisenda Intersection on Route 18
・1,000m to east form Araki Intersection on Route 117